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Via Drivers

We all know how and where to buy our computers, but many of us do not know the huge distributors that supply us with these systems.

One of the largest companies known as VIA was originally started in the United States and was then moved to Taiwan in 1992.

The company decided to move so that it could become stronger by building relations with the Taiwan and Chinese industry.

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About Via

Over several years this company has become a powerful source of computer equipment. VIA started out as a successful PC core logic chipset manufacturer. In 1999, VIA was the first to manufacturer to set the PC133 SDRAM memory standard for the Intel Pentium lll and AMD Athlon processors.

With in a few years later it then added DDR SDRAM support for processors to its list of achievements.

After teaming up with SONIC BLUE the company was able to start marketing graphic accelerators, and high performance graphics to the list of product capabilities.

In 2002 VIA had grown after acquiring CDMA2000 design team, and needed to expand, thus creating VIA Telecom Inc. located in San Diego, California.

Here they are motivated to focus on 3G telecommunications. With the rapid growth of computer technology VIA expanded their knowledge of networking and communication with products dealing with network controllers.

These too became a growing success, just as the graphic technology additions did. By 2008 VIA Technologies had reached the top.

It was then able to launch a large line of technology products using the VIA Isaiah Architecture, thus establishing this company as one of the top companies to manufacture a complete line of processor equipment.

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Via Products

The long list of products manufactured by VIA include:

VIA chipsets, VIA processors, VIA main boards, VIA graphics, VIA embedded, VIA networking, VIA vinyl audio, VIA video displays, and VIA peripherals.

As you can see this company has mastered a large amount of computer parts, and is still adding more accomplishments to its list such as VIA Padlock Security Initiative.

This hardware was designed to protect your computer, with military influences in mind, of any security threats that may try to enter your system. This company has kept on its toes with the rapid growing computer technology and will continue to in the future years to come.

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