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Vga Drivers

The writing and imagery you see when your computer is booting up in "safe mode", because you have had a power outage or your computer had to be shut down improperly, is the result of VGA drivers or Video Graphic Array.

When computers first came out computer monitor pictures were presented in black and white only. In 1981 IBM came out with the Color Graphic Adaptor or CGA with a palette of 8 colors and a resolution of up to 640 x 280.

Soon after this was released they improved quickly with a new driver called the EGA or Enhanced Graphic Adapter. It doubled the color palette amount and increased the resolution to 640x350.

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VGA Pallette Colors

When the year 1987 came along VGA had increased the palette colors to 32 and resolutions to 640x480. This huge leap of technology happened in just 6 years.

The better VGA got the more consumers hungered for more. At this point other drivers were starting to invade the VGA theory and more improvements were made.

When all was said and done there were over 65,000 palette colors and outstanding resolution numbers.

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Vga - The Standard

Computer manufacturers were excited with the new abilities of the graphics.

They were quickly adapted on to all computer systems, however, the original VGA capabilities remained in all graphic cards.

This why you see the big, fuzzy, black and white print when booting up your computer in "safe mode".

Because your computer is in the "safe mode" it will not allow the standard graphic card to perform its duties.

That is why we see the black and white large blurry font.

At the rate computer technology is going today VGA will definitely become part of computers turning points in history.

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