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What Are Printer Driver Errors

It's no surprise that almost everyone who owns a computer, also owns a printer. This could be a small bubble jet printer at home or maybe even a large lazer jet printer at the office.

Now, because printers are very important to our everyday computing, it is essential that we have the proper driver installed to guarantee funtionality.

The driver is a very important piece of tiny software that makes the difference between a successfuly hardware install, to a horrible hardware install. This small piece of software is the language translator so your system can understand your printer.

With this in mind, you can see how important it is to have the proper updated driver, because without it, your printer will eventially fail to function!

Now that you understand how important a driver is, we can begin to address the problem at hand; updating your printer drivers regularly to prevent these troublesome occurences.

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How To Check For Printer Driver Errors

OK so you're ready to check your printer driver for problems. What do you do? There are a couple ways to do this, one being a lot easier and faster than the other.

One way is to check your system's "Device manager". Click on "Start", then right click n "My Computer" then select properties. Click on the "Hardware" tab and select "Device Manager". If you see yellow triangles, you know these drivers need addressing.

The second way is much easier, and our recommended solution. How would you like to solve all your driver problems in less than 2 minutes? Try the handy utility below as it will update all your drivers automatically.

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Troubleshooting Printer Driver Errors

If you can't get the printer to print anything, the first step is to check all of your connections. Make sure the USB cable didn't become detached, and also, as dumb as this may sound, make sure the power cord is plugged in, and the printer is turned on!

One other thing you can do is make sure all of the old printer jobs are purged out.

Click on "Start", " ‘Settings", then click "Printers & Faxes". Next, right click on your printer that is listed there and select "Open". You will then see if any printer jobs are in there. If so, right click on them and select delete. Next, reboot your PC and restart your printer.

If you attempt this and your printer still won't print, then you definately need to check your device manager for driver problems.

Simply navigate to your "Control Panel" or right click on "My Computer". Select "Properties" then "Hardware". Once inside the device manager, look for yellow triangles and write down the name of the device that is giving you problems. Once you're done checking everything else, check your printer driver.

You should see your printer listed, and when you do, click it. Check once again for a yellow triangle to see if your printer driver has problems. Alternatively, you can try the handy driver utility below to avoid the hassle.

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How You Can Fix Printer Driver Errors

Once you discern that you indeed have a printer driver error, you must now address it. First locate the original driver cd that came with your printer and try to reinstall it. If you don't have the cd, then you'll have to go to the manufacturers website and see if they have it available via download.

It is recommended you download the driver direct from the manufacturer, as they have the latest most up to date driver anyway. Most of the time the driver you received on the cd will be outdated anyway.

In all reality, doing all of this manually makes no sense when there are solutions that can handle all of this for you automatically!

The driver update utility below scans your system and gives you an instant report of every driver on your system, including which ones are corrupt, out of date and more. It then quickly downloads and installs the new drivers for you.

It is available as a free download so go ahead and give it a shot. You have nothing to lose but 2 minutes... but that 2 minutes could save you hours of frustration! Wouldn't you rather be enjoying your computer, rather than working on it?

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