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Netgear Drivers

There is any number of reasons that your computer could be running slowly. You might have spyware or a virus. Or, more likely, you simply need to update your computer's devices.

More often than not, a slow computer is the result of the computer not being able to properly communicate with the various devices that are installed on it.

Computers cannot communicate directly with their installed devices because the computers and the devices are not programmed with the same language. Instead a computer uses a driver to translate the commands to the device.

An easy way to understand what a driver does is to think of it like a translator.

You tell the translator what you want to say in your own language and he or she then repeats what you said to a second person in that person's native tongue.

That person then takes in what you have said and responds accordingly. Netgear Drivers operate like any other device driver—they communicate the computer's commands so that the device will perform appropriately.

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About Netgear

Netgear was founded in 1996 and is one of the more computer networking and hardware manufacturers in the United States. It competes mainly against D-Link and Linksys and you can buy Netgear products just about anywhere.

Netgear products are sold in a variety of retail outlets as well as online and through your internet provider.

Netgear's products focus primarily on wired and wireless networking for homes and small businesses. In 2004, Netgear won the Chicago Athenaeum's Good Design Award for its Platinum II Enclosure.

Netgear Drivers' source code has been released under the GNU General Public License. One of Netgear's more recent driver updates is the Netgear WGT624v4 Wireless Firewall Router Firmware 2.0.12.

This driver is offered as a free download for anyone to install, update or add their own NETGEAR Network. It was released on June 2, 2008 as a 2.51 MB file and boasts the ability to improve the stability of a wireless connection and has a number of fixes from previous models.

Netgear Drivers are made to work on almost all computer systems from Windows to Mac to Linux and just about anything in between.

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How To Update Netgear Drivers

Unfortunately most drivers do not come with an automatic checker for updates and upgrades.

The only way to tell whether or not your Netgear drivers need to be updated is to wait until the computer starts to malfunction and then check to see whether or not your drivers are still compatible with the rest of your computer.

If you don't want to take the risk that comes with waiting for your computer to malfunction, you should check for driver updates on a regular basis. There are a couple of ways to do this:

1. You can go to the Netgear website and check for updates and upgrades on your drivers and then install them yourself.

2. You can take advantage of the free driver scan offered by Official Drivers.

Official Drivers' free driver scan will scan your computer for all of your drivers (not just those made by Netgear) and tell you whether or not any of your drivers need to be updated or upgraded.

You also have the option of having the Official Drivers scanner search for the updates and upgrades for each of your drivers and install them for you. Basically, with one or two clicks, you can make sure that all of the drivers on your computer are up to date!

It is important that you keep your drivers up to date because they are responsible for making sure that your computer functions properly. Good luck!

Free Download - Update All Your Drivers!

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