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Gateway Drivers

Has your computer recently stopped functioning properly? Is it running more slowly than usual? Have you tried to do something, like print a document, only to be notified that the computer cannot communicate with your printer?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, it is very likely that your drivers have become outdated. Because the devices on your computer are not programmed in the same language as your processor, your computer is not able to communicate directly do the various devices that are installed on it.

Instead, when a device (like a sound card) is installed on your computer, it is installed with a "driver" which acts as a translator between the computer and the device.

It helps to think of your drivers as actual drivers. When you take a taxicab from one place to another, you don't move the car, your driver does.

You simply tell the driver of the taxicab where you need to go. It is the same with Gateway drivers. Your gateway computer tells the driver what it wants the device to do and the driver makes the device work properly.

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Gateway and Gateway Drivers

Since its foundation in 1985, Gateway has become one of the United State's leading computer manufacturers.

The company used to be called Gateway 2000 and is known for its black and white cowhide logo. In 1993, Gateway became a Fortune 500 company and a little more than a decade later, Gateway bought eMachines.

Last year (October, to be precise) Acer Inc bought Gateway and is now the third largest computer company on the globe. One of the things that the Gateway company is famous for is having been the first computer company to offer computers with color monitors.

If you have an older Gateway computer, your drivers are most likely unique to your computer's product line.

Gateway, like eMachines, does not sell computers made to spec. Instead it puts the machine together and ships it out. That means that the customer does not get a say in what kind of devices or drivers are installed.

If you do not know a lot about the inner workings of a computer, this can work to your advantage as tracking down your hardware and processor information involves visiting a single website (in this case it would be Gateway's website) instead of trying to track down individual manufacturers.

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How To Tell If You Need Updated Drivers

The most telling sign that your drivers need to be updated is the sudden slowing down of your computer's functions.

Unlike your operating system and other software, drivers do not come with a program that checks for updates regularly. Instead—unless you are in the habit of checking for updates and upgrades regularly—you will probably end up waiting until your computer stops working properly.

To check to see if your Gateway drivers need to be updated, you can do one of two things: you can visit the Gateway website to search for updates to your system (this is a good time to check out the rest of your system as well) and then download the updates and upgrades that the company recommends.

The second option is using the free scan offered by DriverScan. Official Drivers offers a free scan that will provide you with a list of every driver installed on your computer and details as to whether or not each driver is up to date.

From there you can choose to use DriverScan to search out your updates for you, or you can go to the Gateway website and download the Gateway drivers updates yourself.

Whichever you choose, make sure that you stay on top of your Gateway drivers. The last thing you want is to have your computer malfunction in the middle of an important project!

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