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Emachine Drivers

If your computer is slower than usual it might be because your drivers are outdated. Drivers are the components that communicate between your computer's brain and the devices it is trying to run.

Some people like to think of their drivers as a "translator" between the computer and its individual components. Here is an example of how a driver works: When you turn on your computer in the morning, it usually takes a second for the display to show up on your monitor, right?

That is because your computer does not "talk" directly to your video card. It tells the driver to activate the video card.

Of course, if you haven't ever worked closely with computers, you might not know that this is how your computer works, and that's perfectly fine. For most people, as long as their computer is behaving properly, they don’t care how its internal workings are configured.

The problem arises when your computer stops working properly. A malfunctioning computer is nobody's idea of fun.

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Emachine and It's Drivers

eMachine is known more for making affordable computers that were sold at retail stores around the world. A company that began in 1998, its computers were selling for $599 when the average computer was just under a thousand dollars.

Eventually eMachines was purchased by Gateway in 2004, but before that purchase, the company caused quite a stir in the home computer manufacturing industry.

The drivers used by eMachine computers depend largely upon what model of eMachine you have. Unlike other computers where the drivers and devices (like video and audio cards) can be installed separately or changed out, eMachines keeps their devices "in the family" so to speak.

Finding upgrades and updates for eMachine drivers can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

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How Can I Tell If I Need Updated Drivers?

Picture this: You've been typing away on your word processing program and when you decide that you want to save and exit the program, your computer becomes incredibly sluggish.

It doesn't freeze, but it has to think a lot longer than it normally does. Eventually a screen pops up saying that the computer is having problems communicating with the driver. Sometimes that screen doesn't pop up. Instead you simply cannot close your document without turning off your CPU.

The reason so many people don't realize that they need to update their drivers is that, unlike other processes on a computer, drivers do not alert the computer user when they need to be updated.

They are also free of monitoring software that tells you when updates and upgrades are available. This means that, if a computer is updated regularly, it can surpass the drivers and lose the ability to communicate with them.

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How To Update Your Drivers

One of the most straightforward ways to update your computer's drivers is to visit the website of each driver's manufacturer and check to see if upgrades or updates are available for the driver you have installed.

Manufacturer's websites usually offer a free scan that can tell you whether or not your eMachine drivers are up to date.

The easier way, however, is to visit DriverScan and take advantage of their free scan. The scan will tell you what drivers you have installed on your computer and which drivers need to be updated.

From that list you can either visit each manufacturer individually or use the Official Drivers scanning program to do the searching and updating for you!

If you want to keep your eMachine running smoothly it is a good idea to scan for driver updates regularly. Thanks to the free scan offered by DriverScan, your eMachine drivers will never be outdated

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